Reversible Tote Bag from Sheila D

sheila-d-tote.jpgOver the weekend, I spoke with Sheila Djiwatampu, owner of the Sheila D design company and fell in love with her Reversible Tote Bags. Sheila, who once worked for Lego as a graphic designer, says "making bags started as a way for me to experiment with color and patterns and soon I was selling them to friends, and then to friends of friends, and so on". Made of corduroy on one side and cotton on the other, the reversible tote currently comes in 40 different color/pattern combinations and many more are soon to come. The shape of each handmade bag is very basic, emphasizing the unique style and character applied to each tote. I've already picked my favorite -- the blue kimono pattern in bright turmeric shown right. Go to to find yours.

Posted on July 7, 2005

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