Pet bags


MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Pet Carrier

If you must carry Fifi around in a tote, at least do it with a little style, and what better way than with this MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Pet Carrier. Made of coated canvas with leather trim detail, it features vented a side opening with a magnetic snap and double handles. Measuring 16 1/2x12x7 1/2, it's available in ecru/navy and sells for $428 at Macys. This MICHAEL Michael Kors Hamilton Pet Carrier has rich, spoiled little doggie written all over it.


Juicy Couture Embroidered Velour Pet Satchel

I can't figure for the life of me why anyone would carry his or her precious pet in a bag, but if you must, then carry her around in style with this Embroidered Velour Pet Satchel by Juicy Couture. This leather-trimmed velour pet satchel features top and end zip closures, a removable shoulder strap with three screen windows (so the little creature can breathe!). Measuring 16x12x9, available in blue/red, you can buy it at Nordstroms for $375. I'll admit, this carrier is absolutely adorable, but being as I have three Chihuahuas of my own, I'd probably carry it without them!

Couture Pet Carrier

couture-pet-carrier.jpgShop Intuition is selling these amusing little pet carriers made of vinyl and patent leather. With cut-out appliqu├ęs in four different themes, the Couture Pet Carrier features double snap closures, convenient back pockets, and mesh openings throughout so your pet can not only flop around like a rag-doll but breathe inside the pouch-of-death as well. Too bad they left out the doggie barf-bag and motion-sickness biscuits for when Fido upchucks his Kibbles 'n Bits all the way to Central Park. Check out Shop Intuition's site for more designs and colors of the bag. It sells for $85.


Glamour Dog Puppy Purse

Puppy-PurseWow. I would almost think this was a joke if I didn't already know Glamour Dog is the place for all your dog-toting needs. The Puppy Purse is a harness and handle combination that allows you to suspend your poor little pooch while you're out and about. The style to the right is ironically called Drop Dead Pink. Your tiny dog might not be dead if you dropped her from five feet onto the asphalt, but she sure would be in some pain. Plus, even you were super careful and never dropped Tinkerbell, it looks like the Puppy Purse would still make for some uncomfortable shopping trips. I'm sorry. This is just wrong. [via Kottke]


Pink Glitter Dog Carrier Tote

glamour-dog-carrier.jpgThis custom made bag from Glamour Dog is made of pink cotton and has a cute rhinestone sunburst design. The carrier features a magnetic flap (or turn lock) closure, an inside zip pocket, two outer snap pockets and a safety cord to attach your dog's harness to in case he goes all nutball and tries to escape from the mobile tomb. This tote was seen in the film Legally Blonde and must be special ordered. Glamour Dog claims it takes 4-6 weeks to ship. You can order the tote in either small size (yappy Chihuahuas) or large (dogs that are ticked off about being carried in a bag). The Pink Glitter dog carrier sells for $385 and shipping is free.


PuchiBag Riviera Classic Tote Dog Carrier

puchibag-riviera-dog-tote.jpgPuchiBag makes dog carriers for celebs such as Shannon Elizabeth, Salma Hayek, and of course for Paris Hilton's tinkerbelle. This particular bag, The Riviera Classic Tote, has gold hardware, exterior pockets for wallet and cell phone and faux patent leather straps and trim. The large inside pocket is big enough for a small to medium sized dog and the bag measures 16 x 7 1/2 x 14 inches. At $390 this is a must have for all spoiled, rich, famous people.