Novelty bags


Kate Spade Giverny Small Henrietta Cosmetic Case

Appropriately named for Monet's lush gardens in the South of France, this adorable Giverny Small Henrietta Cosmetic Case by Kate Spade is truly one of a kind. Made from PVC covered cotton twill, it features vachetta cowhide trim, 14-karet gold plated hardware, with a zipper closure. Measuring 7 3/4x2x3 3/4, it sells for $64 at Couture Zappos. Beautifully fashioned in floral patterns of purple and green, this is one cosmetic case that's worth ever penny. Absolutely just too cute...


Juicy Couture Tennis Survival Kit

Okay, so maybe Martina Navratilova you're not, but with this adorable Tennis Survival Kit by Juicy Couture, you can definitely hit the courts in high gear with a little style while working on a mean back swing. Complete kit includes a headband, two wristbands, three pink tennis balls, a towel, all stylishly packaged up in a clear tote bag with the Juicy signature logo. Available in nardles/depp, it measures 7 1/2x11x4, and sells for $75 at Nordstroms. Pain meds not included.


Old Navy Printed Scarf Bags

The cheap side of me has been working overtime this week, but let's see if we can add one more item to the list, brought to you by our good buddies at Old Navy. Hot, sassy, and just down right cute the Printed Scarf Bags are a great in-between bag when you don't want to be too dressy. Casual looking and loads of fun to carry, they feature bold prints, elasticized sides and faux-leather straps. Available in 5 hot prints, it measures 23x17, and sells for $19.50.


Smith & Hawken 4-Piece Ultimate Tool Bag Set

Green thumb or not, at least you'll look like you know what you're doing with the 4-Piece Ultimate Tool Bag Set by Smith & Hawken. This durable canvas bag has lots of pockets for storage, and can be used for anything your little ol heart desires. Includes a trowel, fork and Japanese weeder, it measures 16.5x12.5, and sells for the affordable price of just $59.


Gymboree Gingham Ruffle Basket

Okay, so I know this is completely out of my realm, but if you're have a daughter, granddaughter, or niece, she will absolutely love this adorable Gingham Ruffle Basket by Gymboree. Beautifully done in Ultra Pink, this springtime basket is just the thing to brighten your little ones Sunday best. Accented with a gingham print and pretty bow sash, complete with girly girl ruffles, she'll look as sweet as a fresh picked flower! It measures 13x7 and sells for $18.50. Just too cute...


Lulu Guinness Chihuahua Change Purse

If you're an avid dog lover as I am, then you're going to flip over this adorable Chihuahua Change Purse by Lulu Guinness. Elegantly packaged in the Lulu Guinness lilac stripe gift box, this cute coin purse is fashioned in black satin with detailed applique. It's available at Henry and Lulu for the going price of just $59. For the love of anything chihuahua, I absolutely just adore this, don't you?


Envirosax Flora Shopping Bags

For a smart alternative to plastic, shop and carry the reusable Flora Shopping Bags by Envirosax. Inexpensive, yet durable these colorful graphic printed shopping totes are available in a set of five different, water proof bags neatly stored in their own cute little pouch. With 20" easy to carry straps, they measure 19 1/2x16 and sell for $40 at ShopIntuition.


Littlearth Elvis 30th Anniversary FenderFlair Purse

A fitting tribute to Elvis Presley comes the Elvis 30th Anniversary FenderFlair Purse by Littlearth. Being a huge fan of the King myself, I find this purse absolutely awesome! Displayed with signature license plates and unique chrome teardrop shaped ends, you'll definitely get noticed carrying this one. Accented with hundreds of Swarovski Crystals and a classy crystallized twist-knob closure, it measures 12.5x6x3. With a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity, make sure you add this little treasure to your wardrobe. It's available at Littlearth for $319. Priceless...


ShopIntuition Quilted Patent Cosmetic Sets

Oh! Happy Tuesday! With this adorable Quilted Patent Cosmetic Set by ShopIntuition, I can now de-clutter my somewhat cluttered existence. This very stylish quilted patent set can hold toiletries, cosmetics and whatever jewelry that I own. They feature zip closures with woven chain handles and measure 3x2, 6x4, and 9x6. Available in black or white, they come in a set of three and sell for $60. (By the way...Happy Birthday Julie!)


Guess Rum Jungle Mini Waist Pack

As far as fanny packs go, I'm not a huge fan, but the Rum Jungle Mini Waist Pack by Guess might sway my mind a little. This cute pack is made of canvas with a nylon adjustable waist belt and snap closures.
Guess Rum Jungle Mini Waist Pack, available in brown, is trimmed with leather accents, and a signature metal-backed wooden 'G' and metal studs. Measuring 12x6, it sells for $45.

Fortune Cookie Coin Purse

small-fortune-coin-purse.jpgThe Fortune Cookie Coin Purse, by Boo Raley Designs is absolutely the cutest and most unique thing I've seen in a while! Choose from different fortunes printed on satin ribbon like "All things are possible" "Everything is going to be alright" and my favorite, "Follow your bliss". With a zipper closure, the suede coin purse sells for $25 and comes packaged
in a Chinese take out box.

Disney Canvas Sling by Loop Handbags

loop-disney-sling.jpgThe Disney Brushed Canvas Sling ($70) by Loop Handbags is made of brushed canvas and is available with a printed motif of Bambi, Alice, or Tinkerbell. Modestly priced, the Disney Brushed Canvas Sling measures 15 x 4 x 12 inches, has a top zipper closure and is absolutely cute as a button! For the kid in all of us, this little guy just screams fun!

Creature Pouches

creature-pouches.jpgSometimes you need an expensive designer bag to capture your attention and sometimes it’s a funny looking felt critter named Wundermaus that steals your heart. On this particular occasion, it’s definitely the critter and I definitely must have one. Creature Coop's Creature Pouches may not cost an arm and a leg (they're just $16) and they certainly aren't going to go well with any Prada bag you own, but I can guarantee that you will not be able to stash your change and lipstick in this thing without smiling. Wundermaus (street smart mouse, of course), and Fuzzy Bear (likes new wave 80's, but don't we all) are both available at
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Guardian Angel Handbag at MoMA

guardian-angel.jpg"Appearing to contain a knife, this handbag makes a provocative statement about people's perceptions and fears." Yeah whatever, and plus there’s a giant outline of a knife on this purse making whoever carries it a freaking hard-@$$! The bag is on exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) and sells for $235. The bag is made of leather and the 3-D knife is in embossed orange wool. The Guardian Angel Handbag was designed by Carolien Vlieger.
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Frau Liebe's Apple Tampon Case

apple-tampon-case.jpgYou know what I hate? Dealing with "that time of the month" and all the bullcrap it brings with it. You know what I love? Adorable little tampon pouches that almost make it all seem more bearable. Frau Liebe's Apple Tampon Case measures 3 x 3 inches when closed, which is small enough to smuggle into the bathroom, yet brightly colored enough to make it easy to find in the gigantic, bottomless-pit-of-a handbag that we're all sporting this season. Cut + Paste is selling the Apple Tampon Case from Frau Liebe for $11 and claims it will get you "menstrually organized". Lord knows we need it.

Little Red Riding Hood bag from Gilli

gilli-little-red-riding.jpgGilli's Little Red Riding Hood bag is so charming and ridiculous at the same time that I'm speechless. The unique purse is made of white leather and boasts a clever wrap-around Little Red Riding Hood scene created with different colored pieces of suede. It's cube-shaped and has dual rounded shoulder straps, two-way top zip closure and at $712, costs enough to scare the bejesus out you, me and the mean ol' wolf hiding in Grandmothers bed.

Chinatown Purse from Smartalecky

smartalecky-chinatown.jpgAn old Chinatown T-shirt gets a second chance at life in the form of this hobo-shaped handbag from Smartalecky. The Chinatown Purse is red with black labeling and lined in an Asian doll pattern. Smartalecky also offers the same style in a blue Dave Matthews 2002 tour tee although the Chinatown purse is my fav. Femmina sells both the Chinatown and the Dave Matthews tour purse for $45 and $55 respectively, and you'll turn into a hipster almost instantaneously if you carry one. Seriously.


Anna Mull Bags

anna-mull-set.jpgAnna Mull is the creator of cute, creative, handmade purses and bags. Conveniently listed on her site are samples of materials used and some examples of her unique work. If you find that the style of bag you want is sold, you can easily email her to see if she still has the materiel to make another. Anna Mull sells messengers, clutches, handbags, diaper bags and more, and takes paypal as payment for each. Considering my nursing background, the set shown to the right is my personal favorite of all the bags sold on the site. It includes a red tote bag and wrist purse with sequined detail for $45. All orders are handmade upon payment and shipped as soon as construction is complete. Prices for the bags range from $10 to $40, rather reasonable for such ingenuity.


Mind What You Wear FAKE bags

Fake-BagYou've got one or you know someone who does. I'm talking about those fake designer bags that you pray no one will be able to tell you bought for $15 in China Town. Well, Dutch design boutique Mind What You Wear wants you to embrace fake bags and quit trying to act like they're the real deal. They recently released a new line of fake Louis Vuitton bags with the word "FAKE" silkscreened on the side in huge letters. I wouldn't carry one, but you might be anti-everything enough to. [via Cool Hunting]


Weird and Ugly Feather Purse

bad.jpgI found a hilarious auction on eBay today for this sad little feather purse. It currently has no bids and
and the seller claims "99 out of 100 women surveyed said they would absolutely not under any circumstances carry this purse." Now that's how you move the merchandise ladies and gentlemen.
I am deeply disturbed by the picture shown here where the furball appears to be trying to communicate with us. I think it's saying "No one's ever bidding on this auction."

The best part about this auction is the title that reads: "Weird and Ugly Feather Purse - Recharge Your Nightlife." Somehow I doubt this is gonna do it.


Euro Clone Purse - Canada

euro-cyclone-purse.jpgThis unique little bag features a European style license plate that is wrapped around two chrome hubcaps. The Euro Clone Purse from Littlearth has a recycled rubber handle, rubber feet and the interior is felt. You can choose from eight different countries including Spain, Germany, and Ireland, although I like the Canadian one the best. Also available from Littlearth are assorted straps, chains and handles to carry these bag-boys with. The Euro Clone Purse sells for $64. God, if only I were a hipster.


1154 LILL helps you make custom bags

1154-lill.jpgThe folks over at 1154 LILL have totally caught my eye and I'm amazed by their creativity and ingenious ideas. 1154 LILL creates custom-made bags, and what I mean by custom-made is that you get to create the bag yourself. First you pick your style (and there are a ton), then go to the fabric palettes and choose from over 100 different fabrics. Once you have settle on your fabric, you decide where you want to place it. You can put the selected fabric on the exterior, trim, straps, exterior, or on the pockets depending on which style you chose. You can then reselect a different fabric to place on a different part of your bag. Lastly, just order your purse and give it about 3 weeks to arrive. The bags seem to run between $30 to $130 as far as I can tell. You can also just order an already-made bag from the company, and completely defeat the whole purpose of creating your own. Either way, it's up to you.


Plum Party Bags

stripped-felt-bag.jpgWow, there's some cool stuff going on over at They have a ton of felt accessories - from wine covers, to gift bags, and they're all very reasonably priced too. When I say reasonable, what I mean is like chump change. I'm going to buy a ton of these gift bags to give presents in because they're so much nicer than anything you could get from Wal-Mart or Target. Seriously, this could have totally saved me this year when I gave my mom her birthday gift. Instead of "ew, where'd you find that at?", It could have been like "ew, where'd you find that, and hey that’s a cute gift bag". Thanks to Karen Cheng for the great find.


Lucky Beggar Purse

lucky-beggar-purse.jpgAfter seeing many homeless people in New York City using crushed coffee cups to beg for change, artist George Skelcher created this unique purse that he originally showed at a New York art gallery. The Lucky Beggar Purse is made of leather, and closely resembles the famous New York City coffee cup with the words "We are happy to serve you" printed on it. The bag sells for $25. Not only is this a must have for all New Yorkers, past and present, but some of the money from each sale goes to HELP USA, which has been helping the homeless for almost 20 years.


Chocolate purses

chocolate-purse.jpgChoco Choco House produces tiny chocolate handbags that look to be both sexy and tasty. "These handmade confections are made with the best chocolate from France and Belgium and only the freshest ingredients are used," according to Aliya, a former dessert chef who creates the milk chocolate purses. The coolest treat appears to be the Pravda Collection (a play on the Prada brand name) which comes in baby pink croc with an edible gold clasp. Aliya says the ganache has "a kiss of Stoli Russian vodka." Mmm. A six-piece set sells for $17.95. [via Boing Boing]


Capri Sun Purse

capri-sun.jpgOkay, so I've seen a few of these things floating around at the hospital where I work and couldn't resist any longer. This Capri Sun purse is well, just that: a purse made of Capri Sun packages. It’s $34, has handles made of vellum, and is ultra ridiculous. I guess it might be cute for teenagers to have but not for me. Hey, I like Capri Sun just as much as the next girl, but I do not and will not ever want to carry it on my shoulder. You can also get this purse in different flavors in case fruit punch doesn't match what you're wearing that day.


Star Wars Chewbacca purse

chewie-purse.jpgWhen you name your dog "Chewie," you know you're a true Star Wars geek. Ok, it was actually Larry's idea, but I'm still a huge fan and am counting down the days to Episode III. I'll let the eBay auction description tell the story of this one: "This is an unusual neck purse measuring approximately 20cm diameter. It has a zipped purse compartment at the back for maximum security and a removable strap. It can be worn around the neck or over the shoulder and is lovely and furry and cuddly. A nice item for Wookie fans young and old." As of right now, it's only $4. Don't bid. It's mine.

Also, be sure to check out the Yoda coin purse and the Star Wars magazine purse made out of the September 2004 issue of Entertainment Weekly.


Toaster Purse and Toast Change Purse Set

toaster-purse.jpgEver thought you'd be carrying around a toaster? Well here's your chance. My Paper Crane is offering the Toaster Purse and Toast Change Purse Set, which includes the toaster bag with two toaster slots and the toast change purse with a velcro pocket to hold your stuff in. The set is $45.


Vinnie's Tampon Case

vinnies-tampon-case.jpgThis hilarious little tampon case helps you to smuggle your feminine products to the restroom. The case comes equipped with a zipper and--believe it or not--also includes a chart so that you can track your next visit from Aunt Flo. Plus it's cheap at only $8.