iPod cases


Jungle Priestess Ipod Holder

Inexpensive, and absolutely adorable the Jungle Priestess Ipod Holder by Free People will protect as well as accent your new Ipod. Fashioned with floral embroidery and lined with a floral print it features a clasp closure for added security. Fits a standard sized Ipod, and measures 4 1/2x3 and sells for $28. Easily attaches to handbags or clothing, so you'll never have to leave home without it! Cool...


Bon Vivant Mini IPod Cases

Go for the gold with this really cute Mini IPod Case by Bon Vivant. Fashioned in 100% leather, it features a detachable plastic clip on the back to clip to your pockets with two snap buttons to slide your iPod in and out. Stylishly accented with bronze studs and contrast stitching this cute little case is on sale at Pink Mascara for $37.50 and is available in Gold and Sangria.

American Flag iPod Case

american-flag-ipod-case.jpgI thought about doing a purse for the 4th, but instead decided that an iPod case was just as appropriate with all the celebrating, music and fun that's inevitably taking place today. The American Flag case (available for both the Video iPod and iPod nano) is part of Case-mate's new Patriot line and features a removable belt clip, cleaning cloth and screen protector. The case sells for $25 (nano) and $30 (video) and for each one sold, a portion of the proceeds are given to the United Service Organizations (USO) which
support military personnel all around the world.

Valentino Crystal-Trim iPod Case

valentino-ipod-case.jpgRemember those days when your iPod case was just an accessory to your iPod, costing only a fraction of what you paid for your precious gadget? Sorry to say that isn't always true according to this sparkling, little guy. Valentino's Crystal-Trim MP3 Case is a silver case with a kiss-lock closure that is covered in clear crystals. Did you hear what I just said? Clear crystals! On your iPod! The only thing funnier than that is Valentino thinking someone's actually going to pay $850 for this thing! What a hilarious designer, this Valentino. Absolutely hilarious.
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Kate Spade Fulham iPod Shuffle Case

kate-spade-fulham-shuffle.jpgSo, I may have mentioned before that I’m engaged to a bit of an iPod expert (or at least he thinks he is). The obvious downside to this is that I am forever doomed to a life of useless iPod information ringing fresh in my ears, however, a definite plus is that I not only own every iPod, but get all the scoops on iPod cases too! Kate Spade, who is notorious for being on the ball when it comes to iPod accessories, has released the leather Fulham Case, made especially for the iPod Shuffle. Featuring a flap closure and an opening on the top for headphone accessibility, the case has a spade charm attached to a decorative wrist strap. The Fulham iPod Shuffle Case is lined in textured copper leather for protection from scratches and sells for $45. Besides the coral shown, it also comes in chocolate, black and lemon.

DLO Mini Fling iPod Case

minifling.jpgIt's about time someone made an affordable iPod fashion case just for women. Digital Lifestyle Outfitters realized that the only alternative to cheap "guy" cases were the ridiculously expensive iPod cases from out-of-their-mind designers and created this gem. Made just for a girl's iPod mini, the $35 DLO Mini Fling Case is available in a slew of styles -- from metallic pink to faux crocodile green -- and features a wristlet carrying strap with charm, an elastic loop for your earphones or lipstick, and a handy flip-up cosmetic mirror.

iVod Mini from Vaja Cases

vaja-ivod-mini-case.jpgI can say from personal experience that the iVod Mini from Vaja Cases is the most quality iPod case to date and possibly the classiest as well. Here’s why: Vaja Cases use only full-grain cowhide for their products that's chosen from the top ten percent of Argentine leather. In short, this is the best leather available and you'll know that immediately when you see and feel the case. Also, the iVod Mini clings tight to your iPod Mini, warding off any unwanted advances from random damaging objects that it might come in to contact with. When picking out mine, I opted for the light sky color shown, but the iVod Mini comes in 24 additional hues, making it impossible to be esthetically disappointing. [Continue reading]

DelaPod Bags by Delarew Designs

delapod-bags.jpgDelarew Designs is now offering DelaPod bags that let women tote their iPods around without the worry of damaging them in their already congested purses. The company claims "DelaPod bags remove the 'struggle and juggle' that female iPod users experience". All five styles in the collection come in a number of fabrics and feature a clear, plastic window (shown) on the back of the purse that you can see and control your iPod through. DelaPod bags contain small holes for your headphones and sell for between $50 and $110.


Noreve 'iPod Love' Leather Case

ipod-love.jpgThe hopeless romantics at Noreve are now offering an "iPod Love" edition of their leather iPod case. The limited edition case (only 20 are being made) features a white gold heart filled with 44 diamonds sewn directly to the leather by hand, all for only 1,390 EUR (about $1,780 US). It's "delivered in a magnificent black case" and will take up to 25 days to make. Noreve also gives you the option to customize the case by embossing your name on it. It's available for the iPod mini or full-size iPods in black, white, gray, pink, beige, baby blue, ocean blue, or red. I love how the company puts "Note: iPod not included" at the bottom. For that price, they could never afford to throw in an iPod. Right. [via Shiny Shiny]


iPod Groove Bag Plus Triplet

Ipod-Groove-BagThe iPod is everywhere these days. You can't go anywhere without seeing tons of "Pod People" with those ubiquitous white cords hanging from their ears. The Groove Bag Plus Triplet isn't just an all-white purse to hold your iPod -- it also lets you blast the latest Kelly Clarkson earworm with its built-in speakers. This $200 bag has been out for a while, but the new version adds a small amplifier. It has a side zipper for easy access to the cable for charging your iPod and an internal pocket for the AC adapter and cable. Be warned though -- the Groove Bag Plus Triplet weighs a hefty 1.7 lbs.


Louis Vuitton Nomade iPod Case

Louis-Vuitton-Ipod-Case-2Since the first Louis Vuitton iPod case I posted about got such a good response, here's another one which might actually be sexier than the first (especially if the Monogram canvas pattern isn't for you). The Louis Vuitton Nomade iPod Case is made of caramel-colored "flawless" cowhide leather that's "tanned with plant extracts." It features a flap closure with headphone cord hole, and a belt loop. Like the last Louis Vuitton iPod case, this one only works with full-size iPods--not minis. This one's a little more expensive at $285.


Chewbacca iPod Pouch

chewbacca-ipod-case.jpgAs you may already know, I'm a Chewbacca groupie. I just came across this Wookie-inspired iPod case or cozy or whatever you want to call it. The Chewbacca iPod Pouch is so cool that I'm at a loss of words. Unlike other novelty iPod cases, this one looks like it would actually protect your iPod from scratches and bumps. It's lined with padded satin and is just snug enough to hold your iPod in place without having it slip out all the time, according to the store. The Chewbacca iPod Pouch costs $16.50 and is available for 20GB and 40GB iPods and the iPod mini.


Bumperz iPod shuffle cases

Xtreme-Mac-Ipod-ShuffleMy boyfriend was nice enough to bring me back an iPod shuffle last month from San Francisco, where he was attending Macworld Expo. And I love it. I haven't hardly picked up my mini since. It's just so much fun to use. Anyway, these XtremeMac Bumperz are the first cases/protectors that I've seen for my new white buddy. They're made of synthetic silicone rubber and work with the shuffle's neck lanyard. The Bumperz are available in three color packs, each with five different colors for only $20. I'm in love with the pack with lemon, orange, blueberry, lime, and strawberry colors (over there to the right).


Louis Vuitton Monogram iPod Case

louis-vuitton-monogram-ipod.jpgThere is a God. This has got to be the most luxurious way to carry your tunes around. The Louis Vuitton Monogram iPod Case is made from the classic Monogram canvas and is lined in grained calfskin leather. This $210 accessory is equipped with an opening on the top for your earphone cable and a belt loop so that you can present your tiny, precious goods for the world to see. The top flap tucks neatly into the front of the case so your iPod will never be afraid. The case is tailored specifically to fit the iPod, so a note to iPod mini owners: your gadget will swim in this, don't try it. Our day will come.