Roxy Large Fur Hobo from Tory by TRB (AKA: Bunny Killers)

trb-roxy-fur.jpgAre you as disturbed by this thing as I am? And it’s not even the design that makes me sick (but yes, it is pretty ugly!) What disgusts me about our furry little friend here is that he's made of none other might want to sit down...are you ready for this? Rabbit fur. That’s right folks, Thumper skin. The Easter Bunny. On your shoulder. Holding your lipstick and cell phone. I know I write about crocodile skin, ostrich leather, and other exotic materials, but this is pushing it for me. Rabbits are little and cute and we should not be killing them for what little bit of food they provide, much less for their fur. I owned a bunny as a kid until he got loose one day. No way am I taking the chance that I'm carrying little Bugsy around with me. No ma’am. I wonder if they hired Elmer Fudd to fill all the pre-orders that they have undoubtedly taken. Can't you just see him out there in the woods whispering "Shh! Be vewy, vewy quite, I'm hunting wabbits!” I swear I could vomit.

Posted on June 20, 2005

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