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Jimmy Choo 'Raphael' Rolling Calfskin Carry-On

Go ahead...book that much needed vacation, you know you deserve it. And...when you do, go in style with this gorgeous Jimmy Choo 'Raphael' Rolling Calfskin Carry-On. The calfskin leather accents this already gorgeous bag, which also has a telescoping handle and wheels that will get you to your destination on time. Available in black, the Jimmy Choo 'Raphael' Rolling Calfskin Carry-On measures 22x15x9 1/4 and sells for $2995 at Nordstroms. I have to admit, it's kinda pricey for my pocketbook, but the quality of this carry-on will give you years and years of memorable vacations.


Campomaggi Bavietto Duffle Bag

I am absolutely crazy...crazy...crazy about the Bavietto Duffle Bag by Campomaggi, from the distressed leather right down to the rugged cowboyish look! Pocket, pockets, pockets! Did I tell you there were plenty of pockets!? With a removable strap and two leather handles, this Bavietto Duffle Bag by Campomaggi measures 13x9x6 and sells for $698 at FreePeople. I feel like throwing it over a saddle and riding off into the sunset! Yee Haw!


Donna Sharp Rolling Duffle

It's summer...go ahead and book that much needed vacation. When just a carry-on bag is needed, this trendsetting Donna Sharp Rolling Duffle is the perfect choice. Eye catching and gorgeous in color, the Donna Sharp Rolling Duffle has everything needed to make your trip enjoyable and simple. With a retractable handle and double rope handles, it available in sophie patch, measures 18x10x14 and sells for $168.30. Act now and receive a free Donna Sharp Phone Case with a $50 Purchase.


Old Navy Workout Duffle Bags

Todays date: December 17th. In a perfect world, most of you have your holiday shopping done, wrapped, and under the tree. Right!!?? Well, for those of you that are still looking for that last minute, inexpensive gift, then check out the Old Navy Workout Duffle Bag. Whether you're the athletic-type, or just need a quick weekend getaway, the Old Navy Workout Duffle Bag is the bag for you. Available in blink pink, aquatic park, lime slush, electric cantaloupe, and grayscale, it measures 17x7x11 and sells for $16.50.


Dooney & Bourke Medium Duffle

Travel in style with this gorgeous Medium Duffle by Dooney & Bourke. Available in black, grass, palomino, purple, and saddle this versatile duffle measures 21.5x8x12. With outside and inside zip pockets, it's the perfect size for short, mini-vacations, (or a long romantic weekend vacation:) when you just want to carry one bag. It sells for $495 at Dooney & Bourke.


Nike Varsity Girl Medium Duffle

Okay, you're really getting serious about this working out thing, but you're tired and embarassed of toting all your stuff around in that god awful plastic Wal Mart bag. Show you know your stuff and tote those sweaty clothes in style with this adorable, and durable Varsity Girl Medium Duffel by Nike. Not only do you get the trademark embroidered swoosh design, but there's a separate compartment for your stinky workout shoes plus a felt lined "bling" pocket. Available in anthracite/pine green, black/dark red, obsidian/pinkfire II, and obsidian/university blue it measures 21.25x10x9.5 and sells for $35 at eBags. Working out never looked sooooo good...


Triple Five Soul Coastline Weekender

If you're lucky enough to be able to afford a vacation, then go in style with this hot Coastline Weekender by Triple Five Soul. Stylishly chic, yet practical this fabric duffel bag holds enough gear for a romantic weekend away. It carries with dual shoulder straps, and has loads of exterior pockets to stuff last minute items. It measures 26x11x13, and sells for $144 at Zappos. You could also pretend you're going away, pack your bags, take the kids to Grandma's house, return home, hide the car, need I say more...


Anthropologie Tulip Path Duffle

This adorable Tulip Path Duffle by Anthropologie is just in time for your spring pickins and is guaranteed to brighten up your day. Made from bright orange or yellow canvas, it features a flowerbed of appliqued stems with a magnetic snap closure. Measuring 13x16x5, it sells for $98. Cute and affordable, just like we like it. It's all good...


Dior Homme Delville Silver Leather Duffle

For the love of a good man, you'll spoil him rotten with this Homme Delville Silver Leather Duffle by Dior. Fashioned in soft, shiny washed calfskin leather with aged silver-finished brass hardware accents, this duffle is dripping with style. With an adjustable and removable cotton shoulder strap, it's loaded with zipped pockets and measures 18.9x8.7x8.3. You can pick up this gorgeous duffle at eLuxury for $1,585. Who are we kidding? Man or no man, this is one hot bag! One, if I could afford, would find some reason to carry it in a heartbeat!


tokidoki for LeSportsac 'Gioco' Shoulder Bag

The adorable tokidoki for LeSportsac 'Gioco' Shoulder Bag is the perfect bag for workouts at the gym, or just playing around. This whimsical printed polyester duffle features exclusive characters designed by tokidoki. Carries with durable nylon web straps, with front zip, interior zip and cell phone pockets, it measures 15 1/2x7x7. Available in Adios Star and Pirata, you can purchase this very affordable bag at Nordstrom's for $160.


MICHAEL Michael Kors Duffle Bag

Spring is getting closer, and I'm just itching to plan a very long, and much needed weekend away. This adorable MICHAEL Michael Kors Duffle Bag, trimmed in leather and accented with signature print and webbing carries with two leather handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. This duffle measures 18x12x8 and has a top zip closure and sells for $348 at Nortstroms. Now if you're really planning a super exciting getaway, you're gonna love this. And of course, to top off the set you're gonna just have to have this too!


Juicy Couture Weekender

This Juicy Couture Weekender bag has me chomping at the bit! With a Tartan looking plaid wool and nubuck leather trim this bag is more than appealing. Combine that with quilted leather handles and a belted shoulder strap and the Juicy Weekender easily tops my wish list for a new overnight bag! The bag measures 27 x 14 x 10 inches and can be purchased at eLuxury for $425.

Barneys New York Classic Carry-on Duffle

barneys-duffle.jpgIf you ask me, this Classic Carry-On Duffle bag by Barneys New York is absolutely awesome! Designed with two leather straps and accented with silver hardware, this baby would be perfect for all of my little weekend adventures (although I might have some trouble actually carrying it on a plane with the current heightened security and my extreme need to stuff it full of electronics and beauty aids). The Classic Carry-On Duffle is available in white/beige and sells for $445.

Andrea Brueckner Hamptons Overnighter

andrea-overnighter.jpgThe weather is getting warmer here and I don't know about you, but I'm past due for a weekend getaway. Andrea Brueckner's Hamptons Overnighter would be the perfect bag to take along on such a journey, you know, when you don't wanna pack everything you own, but need something pretty roomy for a good bit of it. In classy, terracotta pressed leather, the beautiful overnighter sells for $475. It's available now at 80's Purple.
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Cole Haan Nylon Duffel Bag

cole-haan.jpgFor a fun, sporty take on summer, Cole Haan introduces the Nylon Duffel Bag from their Catherine Collection. The leather trimmed nylon bag comes in black and white and features a buckled web strap and side pockets. The duffel is lined in nylon and measures 6 x 8 x 5 inches, making it possibly the smallest duffel known to man, and probably the cutest too. Cole Haan sells the purse for $125.


Louis Vuitton Neverfull Bag 50

louis-vuitton.jpgThe Neverfull Bag 50 from Louis Vuitton combines a modern version of the original Neverfull Bag with the traditional feel of Louis Vuitton. The travel bag is made with fine Suhali goat leather and has brass hardware. The interior of the bag features striped, cotton lining which gets its inspiration from the original Louis trunks. The leather label on the outside of the bag says "Louis Vuitton Inventeur", and the Neverfull Bag measures an enormous 20 x 12 x 8 inches. The bag sells for $2420.


Gap Sporty Floral Weekender

gap.jpgThe Gap Sporty Floral Weekender in mini blue floral totally caught my eye today (it was hard to miss it) as I was browsing Gap's website. The roomy bag comes complete with printed cotton trimmed in leather, and beautiful metal star studs. There's a large zipper opening and two front zipper pockets that also appear to be gigantic. Did I mention that this weekender is borderline mammoth-sized? Seriously, what an enormous bag! Perfect for short, mini-vacations when you just want to carry one bag, the Gap weekender is $54 and also comes in a multi-star pattern.


Dooney & Bourke Marchesa Mini Duffel

dooney-marchesa.jpgThe Dooney & Bourke Marchesa Mini Duffel is made of leather and includes a 4.5 inch handle drop. Measuring 10 x 3.75 x 5 inches, the bag sells for $225 and comes in seven different colors. As far as I am concerned, the Marchesa Collection could only be described with a big sigh of relief. Sorry to anyone who was digging the whole signature/really-young-looking handbag thing, but I will have to say I am glad to see Dooney & Bourke starting to get away from that stuff a bit. Now don't get me wrong, I like all the cutesy colors and girly patterns but enough is enough. When they came out with the Charm collection I wondered if I would ever be able to carry a Dooney again. Every rich 14 year old on the planet had one of those crazy things. No matter how much I tried, I just could not find it in me to like that bag. It reminded me too much of a serial killer's ransom note. The worst part was that Dooney was the serial killer and I felt like the victim. At any rate, as I was saying, I am happy to see D&B going with some leather and classic designs again. I have missed you Dooney, welcome back.


J.Jill Casual Leather Travel Bag

j.jill-casual-leather.jpgIf I traveled, and if I had some place to go, and if I had the money to go to that place, I would definitely buy this bag and take it with me. The Casual Leather Travel Bag from J.Jill is made of plush nubuck and has leather trim. The $178 bag has nickel-plated hardware, pockets on the front and side, and an interior zip pocket and a few different compartments to tote along all your travel essentials. The shoulder strap is adjustable and lengthens up to 40 inches. Wait a minute. Did I just say 40 inches? That’s a long strap! Just for the sake of comparison, here are a few things that are 40 inches: A broomstick, the height of an oven, the arm of my loveseat, and third-graders. Don’t make me go on.


Hollister Duffel by Ellington

ellington-hollister-duffel.jpgMy what a big, functional bag this is. On the outside of the Ellington Duffel alone it has a back zip pocket that runs the width of the bag and zip pockets on the side panels with leather flaps. The main compartment has a ton of different pockets too. There are leather handles and a removable shoulder strap with buckle detail. The Hollister is priced at $230, measures 15 x 21 x 10 inches, and comes in Khaki Canvas/Brown Vaquero.


Mulberry Darwin Leather Roxy

mulberry-roxy.jpgI saw in Cosmopolitan magazine this month where lots of celebs including Kate Moss own this bag. The Leather Roxy is pretty pricey at about $1,100 US dollars but wow is it cool! I think that it has an "old english" appeal to it but the pockets and buckles give it an edgy feel. Shown here in Oak, the dimensions are 18.5 x 34 x 17cm.