Valentino Crystal-Trim iPod Case

valentino-ipod-case.jpgRemember those days when your iPod case was just an accessory to your iPod, costing only a fraction of what you paid for your precious gadget? Sorry to say that isn't always true according to this sparkling, little guy. Valentino's Crystal-Trim MP3 Case is a silver case with a kiss-lock closure that is covered in clear crystals. Did you hear what I just said? Clear crystals! On your iPod! The only thing funnier than that is Valentino thinking someone's actually going to pay $850 for this thing! What a hilarious designer, this Valentino. Absolutely hilarious.
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Valentino Suede & Fur Hobo

valentino-suede-fur.jpgWe've been discussing the use of exotic materials such as fur in the constructing of handbags over at the Lounge, and although I feel it's wrong in at least a million ways, I'm pretty sure its OK to drool a bit when laying eyes on a bag like this. I don't know if it's the beautiful Bordeaux color or the studded front flap that turns me on, but either way this Suede & Fur Hobo by Valentino does it for me! If you can get past the fur thing, your next issue will be coming up with the $1,450 it'll cost you to pre-order this little guy. Good luck with that.

Valentino Cashmere Flap Bag

valentino-cashmere.jpgAlthough completely outrageous in price, the Cashmere Flap Bag from Valentino is also very unique in gray cable-knit cashmere and brown vachetta leather trim. The bag has a decorative jeweled logo plate attached to the front flap and measures 7 x 10 x 1.5 inches. For $1,050, you can pick up Valentino's Cashmere Flap Bag at Bergdorf Goodman or you can tie the arms of your favorite cable-knit sweater together, toss it over your shoulder and wish you had $1,050 to blow on a cashmere purse. Both are viable options and I promise not to judge you either way.


Valentino Jeweled Straw Bag

valentino-straw-bag.jpgAlthough the price of this little bag is extremely exorbitant, that doesn't change the fact that it is also absolutely delightful. The Jeweled Straw Bag from Valentino is composed of natural straw and beaded flowers in green, blue and purple. The linked chain of the purse is golden as is the metal frame, which closes with a purple/clear jewel snap. As I said, the price of the Valentino purse is pretty steep at $1,525, but for those who can afford it, the Jeweled Straw Bag makes up for it with a design that’s as elegant as it is carefree.