Mulberry Maxi Mabel Shoulder Bag

Riddle...What's hot and sexy, and would definitely put a smile on your face? Ahhhh, do we have dirty minds here? You have to know that I'm talking about the ever so gorgeous Maxi Mabel Weekend Bag by Mulberry! With a size of 20x15x7, this black leather oversized east west shoulder bag is everything you need for an overnighter. With pockets a-plenty, AND if money is no object, this outrageous bag is available at Net-A-Porter for $1,995. Can you say...priceless?


Mulberry Emmy Leather Bag

The gorgeous Emmy Leather Bag by Mulberry has all the style and class that one would expect to get in a handbag such as this. Fashioned in rich vanilla leather with accents of pale leather trim and brass hardware, this bag is remarkable. From the large buckle on the front, right down to the large clasps on the end of the handles, this bag is definitely on my "it" list for spring. Measuring 13x9.5x7.5, you can buy it at Net-A-Porter for $1,195. My "it" list is getting so out of control, I'll need a serious advancement on my salary to pay for this baby!

Mulberry Euston Leather Tote

mulberry-pink-tote.jpgNothing makes my day quite like a perfect, pink bag from Mulberry. The Euston Leather Tote is made of pink Darwin leather and has canvas stripes in beige on the front and back. Measuring 12 x 9 x 6 inches, the bag also features a large detachable shoulder strap and small luggage tag, as well as gold hardware. Net-a-Porter sells the Euston Leather Tote for $995, and it's also available in oak.
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Mulberry Litchfield Leather Messenger Bag

mulberry-messenger.jpgWhen it comes to fashionable messenger bags, there is certain criteria one must meet in order to become a favorite of mine. On one hand, I like it to be rich and stylish but on the other it has to be functional enough to make it a smarter choice than just carrying a large tote or satchel. Having said that, I think Mulberry hit the nail on the head with their Litchfield Leather Messenger Bag. With a gorgeous khaki darwin leather exterior and brass buckles this little guy has no problem with the style aspect for sure. Two nifty pouch pockets on the front are sure to hold all your nifty little objects, while the large 15 x 10 x 3 inch inside compartment should be plenty big enough for your laptop or books. The Litchfield Messenger from Mulberry is $795 at Net-a-Porter.
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Mulberry Metallic Roxanne

mulberry-metallic-roxy.jpgWe all know this familiar, beautiful shape, but what we didn't know was that making it metallic would blow our minds! New from Mulberry, the Metallic Roxanne is now available for pre-order at Saks and according to the online store is expected to ship no later than October 15th. The leather bag is offered in metallic gunmetal and has suede lining. It sells for $995.
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For reasons that I can't comprehend (I know this because I've tried to figure it out all day), Saks is calling this bag the Mulberry Metallic Buckle Tote. To me, however, it's a Roxy in Metallic and that’s what I'm calling it. Someone please come along and correct me if I've lost my mind.

Mulberry Blenheim Antique Glacé Leather Bag

mulberry-blenheim-bag.jpgI am so glad to see Mulberry moving on a bit from the Roxy-mania that's been going on for the past year or so. The Blenheim Antique Glacé Leather Bag features Mulberry's signature buckle detail on the two front pockets and strap and it's small, cozy shape makes it perfect for daytime carrying as well as night. Mulberry's Blenheim Antique Glacé Bag sells for $795.


Mulberry Darwin Leather Roxy

mulberry-roxy.jpgI saw in Cosmopolitan magazine this month where lots of celebs including Kate Moss own this bag. The Leather Roxy is pretty pricey at about $1,100 US dollars but wow is it cool! I think that it has an "old english" appeal to it but the pockets and buckles give it an edgy feel. Shown here in Oak, the dimensions are 18.5 x 34 x 17cm.