Burberry Belted Lambskin Leather Hobo

Made in Italy, and just dripping with style and class comes this Burberry Belted Lambskin Leather Hobo. Complete with strappy belts and dual interior compartments, the lambskin leather hobo comes in light tan and measures 14 1/2x13x4 1/4. The Burberry Belted Lambskin Leather Hobo sells for $1,495 at Nordstrom.


Burberry East-West Buffalo Tote

Slouchy, with a classic design brings this gorgeous Burberry East-West Buffalo Tote front and center. Golden hardware is accented in this rich plum leather Tote with a zip top and Burberry logo clasp. Measuring 9 4/5x15x7, you can pre-order this tote from Neiman Marcus for $1,195. Luxury at its best.


Burberry Small Cotton Tote Bag

The new fall bags have arrived, with extremely unbelievable beauty and an enormous price tag as well. But if you can get past the price tag, you'll love the bags you're in including this dazzling and absolutely gorgeous Burberry Small Cotton Tote Bag. This slouchy cotton design is detailed with leather buckles and trim and topped off with double handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. With pockets a plenty, the Burberry Small Cotton Tote Bag measures 16x9x6 and sells for $1,195 at Saks.


Burberry Check Tote

When I think of luxury that will last a lifetime, I think of bags like this gorgeous Burberry Check Tote. Stylishly done in oversized cotton checks and trimmed with rich leather, this tote features adjustable double top handles with a magnetic snap closure. Available in pale beige, the Burberry Check Tote measures 12x10 1/2x4 and sells for $1,195 at Saks.


Burberry Medium Canvas Tote

It looks like everything is coming up canvas this season, with this gorgeous Burberry Medium Canvas Tote being no exception. Practical for travel, yet casual enough for everyday use, this Burberry Tote features two inside zip pockets and two inside open pockets with shoulder straps and an inside metal clasp closure. Measuring 15x16 1/2x5, it's available in chalk. You can pre-order the Burberry Medium Canvas Tote at Saks for $695.


Burberry Shimmer Leather Tote

The new fall bags have arrived, with extremely unbelievable beauty and an enormous price tag as well. But if you can get past the price tag, you'll love the bags you're in including this dazzling and absolutely gorgeous Burberry Shimmer Leather Tote. The opulent shimmer leather tote features pleating and detailed seamed patches. With all of the beauty of any Burberry, you also get silvertone hardware, belted sides, and a removable hanging logo charm with key ring. Available in anthracite (gray), it measures 9 1/2x15 1/2x4 and can be pre-ordered at Neiman Marcus for $995.


Burberry Patent Quilted Sling Shoulder Bag

Elegance and class never looked so good as in this Burberry Patent Quilted Sling Shoulder Bag. Fashioned in quilted patent leather with gunmetal hardware detail, it's available in dark berry red. Measuring 5 1/2x13x2 1/2, the Burberry Patent Quilted Sling Shoulder Bag carries with a single thick should strap and sells for $850. You can pre-order it at Neiman Marcus.


Burberry Nylon Messenger Bag

Yeah...yeah...I know I've been neglecting you men lately, but I can't help it. There's just so many awesome handbags, I can't seem to break away. But I'm gonna make it up to you now with this handsome Burberry Nylon Messenger Bag. Sleek and sophisticated describes this check pattern bag that's detailed in leather trim with logo plate accents. With plenty of pockets in which to carry all of your important everyday guy stuff, this Nylon Messenger Bag measures 16 1/2x12 1/2x4 3/4 and sells for $795 at Saks. For Dad, hubby, or boyfriend, this Messenger Bag would make a wonderful gift.


Burberry Lambeth Tote

If you looked up the words luxurious, and sophisticated in the dictionary, the Burberry Lambeth Tote should be pictured. This gorgeous, yet expensive bag is stylishly fashioned in chocolate leather with brass hardware accents and belted detail with a logo-engraved buckle. Measuring 13 3/4x14 1/4x7 3/8, the Burberry Lambeth Tote is available at Neiman Marcus for $1,195. The spectacular attention to detail and expert craftsmanship make justifying the price tag at least a bit easier.


Burberry Check Tote

Here's a Burberry bag that'll just about knock your socks off! Made in Italy, and just dripping with all the style and class possible comes this gorgeous Burberry Check Tote. Complete with outer pockets, the cotton canvas tote dones a mega check pattern, leather trim with a leather belt detail. Available in pale beige, this hot bag measures 14x12x6 1/2 and sells for $1,595. Sweet...


Burberry Solid Nylon Tote

Okay, so it might be a wee bit early to think pink, but this adorable Burberry Solid Nylon Tote has be wishing for spring! This classy nylon design features contrast leather trim with a drawstring and zip closure. Including the signature plaid lining, it measures 14x17x5. Available in blossom pink, you can pre-order this gorgeous tote at Saks for $195.


Burberry Chain Detail Leather Satchel

Being huge fans of anything that says Burberry, it's no surprise that this Chain Detail Leather Satchel just screams glamour and sophistication. With check-embossed metal accents and heavy chain detail, this glossy leather satchel also features a top zip closure. Available in burgundy, this classy satchel can be pre-ordered at Nordstroms for fall at a price tag of $895. Go ahead, I know you want to:)


Burberry Shimmer Check Hobo

Being huge fans of anything that says Burberry, it's no surprise that this Shimmer Check Hobo just screams glamour and sophistication. With the classic Burberry pattern, you can't miss the rich metallic leather and the gunmetal hardware. With pockets a-plenty, and buckled details you'll want to carry this gorgeous Hobo all day, everyday, and everywhere you go. Available in copper, it measures 16x10 1/2x2, and you can pre-order this little gem at Saks for $695. Don't you just love the new fall look!


Burberry Baby Beaton Bag

If you looked up the words luxurious, fascinating, and down right gorgeous in the dictionary, I'm certain that it would have a picture of this Baby Beaton Bag! New from Burberry, this classy leather bag features silvertone hardware, and buckled shoulder straps, with accented Nova check canvas detail on the front. Measuring 11 1/2x14 1/5x6 7/10, it's available in berry red, and dark nickel, and sells for $1,595 at Neiman Marcus. At this price, you can carry this handbag through any season you so desire. For sure...


Burberry Check Satchel

I know I said that I was doing bargain shopping the entire week, but this absolutely gorgeous Check Satchel by Burberry caught my eye and I couldn't help myself. Fashioned in oversized check canvas, it features brown bridle leather trim, gold-tone hardware, and a buckled shoulder strap. Available in pale trench (ivory), it sells for $1,395 at Neiman Marcus. This bag just shot my bargain shopping all to heck...


Burberry Quilted Mini Manor Bag

Burberry has definitely got their act together with this gorgeous Quilted Mini Manor Bag. Elegantly designed in quilted house check canvas, it features dark nickel leather with silver-tone hardware. It carries with top handles, and includes a key charm and a padlock tab closure. Measuring 7 1/2x10x4 12, you can buy this beautiful bag at Nieman Marcus for $1,195. A bit pricey by some standards, but when I think of luxury in a handbag, this is one that will last a lifetime. Sure to be a fall favorite.


Burberry Drawstring Shoulder Bag

When I think of luxury in a handbag, this beautiful Burberry Drawstring Shoulder Bag fights to be right up there with all of the other designer bags. This gorgeous, yet expensive bag is stylishly fashioned in House check fabric with leather trim accents, not to mention nickel hardware and leather-covered buckle detail. Sure to be a favorite for fall, this is one classy bag and measures 15x14x4. You can pick up this little number at Nordstroms for $1,665. You'll definitely break the bank on this one, but it's well worth the price.


Burberry Check Hobo

Brand new for spring, comes this gorgeous Check Hobo from Burberry. This cream with pink/tan/purple spring check features brown leather trim and accented in gold-tone hardware with a signature Equestrian knight logo. Also accented with buckled straps with a slouched zip top this bag measures 8 1/2x12x1. You can buy this adorable bag at Neiman Marcus for $350. But let's not stop there; you'll just have to have the matching Cosmetic Bag, and these awesome matching Check Thong Espadrille platforms. With this little ensemble, you'll never have to worry about which bag to carry or which shoes to wear!


Burberry Check Shoulder Bag

This fascinating Check Shoulder Bag from Burberry is stylishly done in classic novacheck with signature Equestrian Knight logo. Embellished in dark brown leather trim, it carries with shoulder straps and is accented with tonal topstitching and golden hardware. This enchanting little bag is priced at $795 at Neiman Marcus. And if you haven't already maxed out your credit cards, you may want to pick up the matching Burberry Check Fold-Over Wallet for $350.


Burberry Nautical Bucket Tote

The Burberry Nautical Bucket Tote, embellished with red patent leather trim, is not only spacious and attractive but also bursting with pizzazz. Accented with a nautical theme and gold tone hardware, this classic house check tote has a rope drawstring top and side zip pockets. Priced at $945, and measuring 13 1/2x14x6, you can buy this tote at Neiman Marcus.

Burberry Leather Double Flap Bag

burberry-flap-bag.jpgWhen I think of luxury that will last a lifetime, I think of bags like this. Burberry certainly has another hit on their hands with the Leather Double Flap Bag ($780). Measuring 11 x 13 x 5 inches, this beauty has me speechless. The spectacular attention to detail and expert craftsmanship make justifying the price tag at least a bit easier.

Burberry New Spring Handbags

burberry-white-hobo.jpgAfter a much needed week-long vacation from my usual life, I was pleasantly surprised to come home at the end of last week to find that Saks is filling orders for a few new spring designs from Burberry. The first (and my personal favorite) bag I noticed was the very delightful Leather Hobo shown to the right. With a pleasing mixture of clean, white leather and Burberry's traditional plaid canvas trim, this bag is so perfectly springy that I don't think it could get any springier if it grew purple spring lily’s from its lining. It sells for $650 and is available now for pre-order.

burberry-black-tote.jpgAlso charming (but sort of in an opposite kind of way), the Leather Tote shares the same principles as the hobo with the canvas plaid trim, but replaces the soft look of white with a much bolder black leather. The tote has a classy shape and features two interior pockets as well as a large one on the outside. Measuring a large 11 x 15 x 5 inches, the Leather Tote from Burberry can also be pre-ordered for $695. And hey, if you're feeling frisky (and just inherited a fortune from a grandmother you didn't know you had) you could buy both the Hobo and the Tote and rotate them depending on your mood.
Comment on these bags

Burberry Messenger Diaper Bag

burberry-messenger-diaper.jpgIn my opinion, not every bag labled as a "diaper bag" necessarily has to be used as one. Take the Messenger Diaper Bag from Burberry. It comes in both pink or beige, two very fun and neutral colors, and has a large flap top that closes with double leather buckles, making it casual enough to use as an everyday messenger. So my point is that you can fill this bag with diapers if you wish, but at the same time it's okay if you don't have any baby stuff to put in it. Honestly, for $240 you can do whatever you want with it.

Burberry's Patchwork Handbag

burberry-patchwork.jpgWhile searching for a bag to highlight in relationship to the Fourth of July holiday, I remembered an important point--whether it be the anniversary of our independence or not, I would rather take a bottle-rocket to the eyeball than to wear Americana-themed apparel. I'm just not into the whole patriotic-till-you-puke looks and it's likely I never will be. Having said that, there are those rare occasions when red and blue mesh together perfectly and steal your heart away. This is the case with Burberry's new Patchwork Handbag. As part of the Fall/Winter collection, the bag features deep red and navy blue leather panels and gathered front pockets for a very sexy and sophisticated look. Although not due out until September and therefore clearly not designed with this weekends holiday in mind, to me this bag has Independence Day written all over it.

Burberry Prorsum Canvas Hobo

Burberry-Canvas-HoboI'm having a hard time making up my mind if I absolutely love this bag or if it's as ridiculous as it seems at first glance. I don't think I'll be going with the latter (no matter how much I want to make jokes about this bag possibly making you look like a real hobo). The Burberry Prorsum Canvas Hobo appears to be just what I need to spice things up a little. Its main feature is of course the knotted shoulder strap, along with brown leather trim with brass loops, and a tiny brass Prorsum horse logo on one side. The $550 bag has two inner pockets and a magnetic closure.


Burberry Gold Metallic Leather Satchel

burberry-metallic.jpgYou know, I thought I was finally over the whole spring metallic fad but after seeing Burberry's Gold Metallic Leather Satchel, I realize that I'm not. Of all the metallic handbags I’ve witnessed this season, this one proudly sits at the top of the list, laughing at all the others for falling a bit short. The leather logo plate labels the beautiful bag with the esteemed "Burberry" name and is set in place with grommets. Dual shoulder straps are decorated with golden rings. The large satchel is 7 x 12 x 4 inches, and sells for $495. Yeah, I'm so not over it.


Burberry Leather Hobo

burberry-leather.jpgHere's a riddle for you. What do you get when you mix a big, white Burberry bag and magenta colored tassels? Simple. You get my tongue hanging out past my chin and drool pooled on the floor beneath me. The Leather Hobo from Burberry has a suede strap, and closes with a magnetic snap. With it's cotton sateen lining and cell phone pockets, the hobo is as beautiful on the inside as it is out. At 11 x 12 x 3.5 inches, the bag sells for $650 at Saks.


Burberry Quilted Diaper Bag

burberry-diaper-bag.jpgHaving a baby sounds like a good idea when I think of all the bags I could have a good excuse to buy. The Burberry Quilted Diaper Bag has quilted fabric with novacheck accents and pockets on the sides. When unzipped, the bag is transformed into a changing pad meaning that besides being super swank, this bag is pretty functional as well. If you have a girl, pink is also offered in addition to the blue one shown. I don't know about you but for $216 this thing had better change the diaper for me.


Burberry White Handbag

burberry-white-handbag.jpgMinimalist sexy. That's how I describe the Burberry White Handbag. There's really not much else to say about the Italy-made bag. It is beautiful white leather, measures 13.5 x 6 x 5 inches and is priced at $595. If you can afford this bag, all you'll have to worry about is not getting it dirty or scratched. This thing would show dirt and scuffs like a mud-covered Wal-Mart floor-model television.