Poire Phone Pouch

Poire-Phone-PouchThis fun little phone pouch from Poire is just the type of accessory a girl like me lives for. Created in Japan, the phone pouches come in a slew of colors, patterns and materials. The idea is not to carry the tiny bag on your pinky finger, (although I know some idiot will try it anyway including myself) but to snap it on your belt or purse so you don't have to burrow through your huge handbag to find your smallest-yet-known-to-man cell phone. (I know, the zippo-sized one was getting so bulky.) So now, you can just hang your cell phone on whatever you're carrying and when it rings, just pull it out of the $11 pouch (all of this assuming your phone at that time is still visible to the naked eye.) [via Primp]

Posted on February 28, 2005

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